Release Your True Potential

A life-transforming 2 days with an internationally-renowned mind power, performance and success expert. Make more of your life and become happier!

Mildura – April  28th & 29th 2018

Change your Thinking – Change Your Life

This seminar begins where most other seminars end. It is NOT a series of lectures. It is a practical, yet incredible personal growth experience where you release more of your untapped potential learning to use the power of your mind.

In just 2 days you will learn:

How to generate more energy and enthusiasm to dramatically lift your personal performance, and how to be more successful and decisive in your day-to-day life than you have ever been before.

Would you like to…

Be able to harness more of the potential of your brain (instead of wasting 90% that science says is untapped)? The positive effects on your life would not only be immediate, you would set a record of achievement that previously you’d only admired in others. Our Graduates results speak for themselves!


The simple answer is understanding how your brain, mind and body work together, and then using them to make your life’s desires easier to achieve. The 2-day Vision Seminar is a hands-on practical experience. You don’t need any previous knowledge, education level or age. The potential to tap into the enormous power of the brain and mind is within every one of us. You will learn scientifically-based, easy techniques that you will master in just 2 days. In fact, everyone is gifted with these abilities, you just need to know how to access them.

Suitable for any age, education level or walk of life

The Powerful Connection Between Releasing Your Potential And Igniting Your Life!

Perhaps you feel held-back in your life? Maybe you’re tired of not experiencing the success you wish for? Do you ever experience that feeling of not being good enough?

What if you were no longer restricted by fears and beliefs, and you instead become far more confident, charismatic and influential? What if you were to release capacity within you that you were previously not aware of?

This event will give you a newfound ability to release your true potential into the world… become freer, more confident, happier and successful…  you will learn ways to develop skills at extraordinary speed…and learn the powerful art of peak performance.

The Seminar Format

The Vision Seminar is a fun, hands-on, practical experience – you learn by doing and proving to yourself that it really works, note taking is not necessary. There are no failures with this proven scientific, easy method. The Seminar covers an exciting full two days, starting Saturday morning and concluding Sunday evening. All Seminar participants experience increased energy and vitality by the end of this amazing experience. A comprehensive manual and workbook are provided with all the techniques listed for later referral.


  • Learn Easy and Powerful Meditation method anyone can learn
  • Study and Rapid Learning techniques
  • Managing Headaches, Migraines and common Aches and Pains
  • Gain Self Confidence
  • Have a Powerful Memory
  • Develop a powerful Intuition and be more Creative
  • Overcoming Addictions eg. Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking without withdrawl symptoms
  • Lose or Gain Weight, with out diets, formulas or surgery
  • How to Easily Achieve your Goals and Dreams
  • Improving sleeping patterns
  • Overcome negative habits like over indulging, procrastination, laziness & untidiness
  • Setting a new positive plan and direction for your Life

Hello, I’m John Vasta

The reason 10,000s of people in Australia and internationally have benefitted from my coaching through the Vision seminar is because it goes beyond just motivational training.

I help you develop a deeper awareness of your body, brain, mind connection and give you a new ability to release physical, mental and psychological restrictions.

I give you proven tools to tap into a newfound ability to learn any skills at rapid-fire speed and change the things that don’t serve you to ones that do, in an easy powerful way.

One of my greatest passions is to educate you on the psychology and art of Peak Performance so you can perform at far greater levels in life.

After 30 years I still I love what i do and seeing everyday people getting amazing results and visibly happier, makes me love it even more, I sincerely hope you consider joining me and sharing the next fun 2 day weekend coming soon. 

On April 28th and 29th 2018, I’ll show you powerful ways to take your life more to where you want to be. If your still feeling unshure read some of our graduate testimonials, everyone succeeds there are no failures.

Thank you for visiting our site, hope I personally meet you soon!

Our Results Speak for Themselves…

“This has been the best, most powerful and friendliest experience I have had in my entire life. I have been given the tools to change my whole life.  Many thanks.Kathy

“I’ve lost 11kgs in 8 weeks since implementing the mental techniques that Vasta will teach you.  I feel fantastic and have so much energy.” – Tim

“The Vasta Techniques helped me achieve my goal of an ATAR of 99.80 and start medicine at University.” – Peta

Go beyond positive thinking

Treat Yourself Now


Irymple Hotel, Irymple, Mildura


$495 (includes comphrensive manual, refreshments)

Time & Date

Saturday April 28th & Sunday 29th

at 8.30am – 5pm